​Mama Lil's Story
Est. 1992

Yes, there really was a Mama Lil and yes, she made delicious pickled peppers in oil with the same recipe we use today. The success of Mama Lil’s is a tribute to her extraordinary recipe, fresh quality ingredients and sharing great meals with family and friends! 

 For almost twenty years, Lil’s son Howard, the founder of Mama Lil’s, put the same love and energy into making Mama Lil’s one of the northwest’s favorite artisan food companies as Lil put into growing and making the pickled peppers in oil she served her family at every meal  - eggs, sandwiches, pastas, and Howard’s favorite, as a garnish to steak.  Mama Lil’s peppers are grown and made in Washington’s Yakima Valley and the business office recently transitioned from Seattle to Portland. Producing Mama Lil’s is still a labor of love and the commitment is now shared by our small team of northwest natives from Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.

Mama Lil’s recipe for Hungarian goathorn peppers in oil came from the heartfelt tradition of immigrants sharing food and recipes from “the old country”.  The mouth-watering pepper recipe that Lil embraced as a daily embellishment to her Jewish Romanian cuisine, came from a Serbian friend, who learned it from a Slovenian who luckily for us had the good fortune to discover this amazing recipe for Italian pickled peppers in oil.  If you were to travel to the Arbruzzo region of Italy you would find a variation of our peppers in oil served with your meals.  Traditionally Abruzzese chefs and families use these flavorful peppers and aromatic oil to transform simple ingredients into their luscious, savory cuisine. It is in this tradition of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, that fans of Mama Lil’s consistently tell us that they use Mama Lil’s in “everything”!  We are proud to bring Mama Lil’s magic to your table. 

Mama Lil



Goathorn Peppers...

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And the rest is history!

About Mama Lil's Pickled Peppers

 We buy all of our produce from local farms.